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Blind Fury

He may be blind, but he don't need no dog.
Blind FuryBlind Fury


Nick Parker is an American soldier who is blind in the Vietnam War. Luckily for him he is picked up by indigenous people from the area who not only take care of him and heal him but also teach him martial arts with which he can defend himself now that he is blind. So when he returned to the United States years later he is an expert in the handling of the katana that he uses in defense of the weak, on this occasion the son of a friend and former comrade in arms, Frank Deveraux, whose ex-wife has been killed by Macready’s band. The son of both, Billy, will remain in charge of Nick until they find his father, who is a brilliant scientist, but also a compulsive player, which has led Macready, owner of a casino in Reno, to order his henchmen that they kidnap your son to force him to pay his large game debt. Nick will avenge the death of Billy’s mother and return him to his father, if he hasn’t been killed yet.

Alex Morris, Barbara Gulling-Goff, Blue Deckert, Bonnie Suggs, Brandon Call, C.K. McFarland, Charles Cooper, Dave Bartholomew, David R. Ellis, Debora Williams, Dorothy Young, Ernest Mack, Fred Lerner, Gene Skillen, Glenn Lampert, Glenn R. Wilder, Harold Suggs, Holly Cross Vagley, Jay Pennison, Jeffrey J. Dashnaw, Julia González, Kyle Thatcher, Lincoln Casey Jr., Linwood Walker, Lisa Blount, Mark Fickert, Meg Foster, Michael Adams, Mike Shanks, Mitch Hrushowy, Nick Cassavetes, Noble Willingham, Patricia Mathews, Paul James Vasquez, R. Nelson Brown, Randall 'Tex' Cobb, Ray Colbert, Red Mitchell, Rick Overton, Robert Prentiss, Roy Morgan, Rutger Hauer, Sharon Shackelford, Sho Kosugi, T.J. McFarland, Terry O'Quinn, Tiger Chung Lee, Tim Mateer, Weasel Forshaw, Woody Watson
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