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My Brother the Time Traveler

My Brother the Time Traveler



IMDB: /10 votes

Two estranged brothers try to reconnect at Christmas but there's something that one of them can't get past...the other think's he's a time traveler.

Dudes & Dragons

Dudes & Dragons

Dudes & Dragons    10 Oct 2015

N/A 122 minReleased

IMDB: 7.5/10 39 votes

When the strong witch, Lord Tensley, is actually jilted through Princess Ennogard, he promises to free the property from affection. He regulates his fire-breathing monster to damage any type of indication from devotion found throughout the empire. As the casualty climbs, Camilan, a take on yet pretentious enthusiast looks for to wed his beloved even with menstruation after the property. In purchase to satisfy his serendipity, he looks for the support from his withheld bro Ramicus, a fugitive hunter ...

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