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Fun Mom Dinner

Every mom needs a time out.
Fun Mom DinnerFun Mom Dinner


“Every mom needs a timeout and complete detachment …
 What happens if you are Mama and all your time is taken up by young children? You’re incredibly tired. In order not to explode, sometimes you need to relax and allow yourself to take a break from duties and responsibilities. Four very different women tired of their precious children, who attend the same kindergarten. And the fate of them presents a happy surprise – cute themed dinner for mothers. However, everything is pretty hard to start – with the conflict between the two mothers, who clearly do not like each other. However, soon it changes dramatically when alcohol begins to act. Drink loosens their tongues, followed by karaoke, then – dancing. And also – a hot bartender, with whom it is impossible not to flirt. And now they buy a special type of marijuana, puffed her in the dressing room and start to realize that they have more in common than motherhood and men. And it’s only the middle of the night, and there is still a lot of adventures, police and crazy twists and turns …”

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Adam Levine, Adam Scott, Bridget Everett, Caleb Paddock, Cooper J. Friedman, David Wain, Emmersyn Fiorentino, Hart Denton, Jaz Sinclair, John Early, Kathryn Prescott, Katie Aselton, Leigh Dunham, Marsai Martin, Matthew Paddock, Molly Shannon, Owen Vaccaro, Paul Rudd, Paul Rust, Poppy Gagnon, Rob Huebel, Sam Lerner, Toni Collette, Willa Miel Pogue
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